Kobe is a fun loving boy who enjoys going into playgroup with the rough and rowdy dogs! He doesn't mesh well with calm dogs who like their space, because he doesn't understand why they don't want to wrestle:-) He is also a snuggly lap dog who LOVES his people! Kobe is an active young dog, very trainable, who is excited to learn anything. He started basic obedience and would love a home that continues his training. Kobe isn't a party-goer and prefers a low traffic house as he needs to get to know people with a proper introduction. He thinks he can keep your social calendar filled just hanging out with him! From his last foster fam: "Kobe is endless ENERGY.. He loves to walk, run, wrestle, chase rabbits and squirrels. He's jumpy and wants to play, so he's best with adults and older kids. He likes to mix it up with my active husky. Kobe has a big appetite and a big heart. He becomes a lap dog when relaxing in the house. And, he's a loyal companion, following me everywhere. He can sit, but needs some training to counter his extra enthusiasm... In the end, Kobe just wants to be your friend!" I am looking for a foster to help me continue my training and keep me active.