Find your dog

Over 100 dogs to choose from

When you visit our shelter, there may be well over 100 dogs for you to choose from. Take your time and visit with any that appeal to you. Make sure to read the information on the kennel card attached to each dog’s kennel gate. This card will give you basic information such as the dog’s temporary name, breed, approximate age and whether it is spayed or neutered, and, of course, the kennel number.

When you find a dog, or several, that you are be interested in, you may then go to the front desk with a specific kennel number and ask for further details on any dog. At the front desk you will be asked to fill out a one-page adoption application and conduct a brief interview after which the adoption counselor will retrieve the dog you are interested in so that you may meet him one-on-one.

You will be directed to the east side of the shelter grounds where there is a lawn and benches, as well as two outdoor fenced areas where you may go in and spend time with the dog off-leash. Take your time with the dog. He may be distracted by the sound of other barking dogs. Don’t expect him to be your best friend immediately. Let him run off some energy. Remember, he has been living in a kennel and needs to stretch his legs before he can settle down to get acquainted with you.

After you have spent time with one or more dogs and have made the decision to adopt one, come back to the front office to the adoption counselor. The counselor will prepare the paperwork for the adoption. The paperwork will include the adoption contract, instructions on follow-up veterinary care, and a medical information sheet, all of which will be explained to you in detail.

Over 100 dogs to choose from

Please be aware that your dog may need to stay to get its final vaccinations. Although many dogs that you will meet at the shelter are current on their shots and ready to go home, most will need to be brought current (by Illinois state law) before they may leave the shelter with you. If this is the case with the dog that you are adopting, don’t worry — you will most likely pick him up the following day at our animal hospital in Libertyville