The animals need your help

Donating to Orphans of the Storm supports our life-saving mission and, at the same time, truly makes a difference for an animal in need.

Each donation is as individual as the person giving it. Neighborhood children hand-deliver a plastic baggie of change collected from a lemonade stand. Leftover medications from a recently passed pet are lovingly presented while memories are shared. A handwritten note accompanies a very generous check inside a holiday card. These are but a few of the ways that donations arrive. However they make it to the shelter, every dollar and in-kind donation is used to benefit the animals.


Donate with confidence-We earned our Platinum Seal!

Monetary donations

Orphans of the Storm is funded by donations. Your contribution is what allows us to continue our mission.

Making a generous monetary donation to the shelter goes far in helping with the day-to-day expenses of caring for, feeding, and medically treating our animals.

With an annual operating budget of well over one million dollars, we see that every dollar of every donation is put to the best use for the animals.

Donate in memory of a friend’s pet passing, in celebration of a life event, or just because you know your donation will make a difference.

There are several ways in which you can donate. You may make a donation by credit card or via Paypal here on this website or over the phone at 847-945-0235. Our friendly staff is happy to assist.

Your donation can always reach us through the mail, or you may visit us at the shelter and drop off a donation in person. While at the shelter, feel free to take a walk-through and meet a few of our resident orphans. However you choose to donate, please know that we appreciate your support.

Questions about your gift? Please email Sandy De Lisle, our Head of Development.

Remembering Orphans with a planned gift

Gifts from supporters’ estates allow us to continue to provide the high level of care and placement into homes these deserving orphaned cats, kittens, dogs and puppies. There are several ways in which you can help us, and in doing so also help yourself and in some cases your heirs.

You can provide a specific bequest to us in your will or your trust. This is the most common and easiest way to benefit our organization and our animals. Orphans is a tax-exempt organization, qualified under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This permits your gifts to be tax-deductible to you for income tax purposes if made while you are living and deductible to your estate if made from your will or trust after your death.

Please email our Head of Development, Sandy De Lisle, for other ways you can benefit the shelter with a planned gift.

Donations from our wish list


We can go through over 100 newspapers each day during the winter months.

Gift cards from local gas stations

Our shelter van is constantly transporting animals to and from local veterinary partners for emergencies, special treatments, life-saving surgeries, weekly spay and neuter procedures, and appointments to bring an adopted animal current on their shots so that the adopter can take them home.

Select household items

You don’t need to spend money to help the animals. We can use the following gently used items:

  • Bath-size towels
  • Twin-size comforters (nothing larger, please, since they won’t fit in our washer and dryer)
  • Pet beds

Please DO NOT bring us the following items–we cannot use them, and it costs us money to dispose of them. That’s wasted money we could be spending on the animals!


Donate towards a specific fundraiser or event

Oftentimes we have a special need arise and we may create a fundraiser to help cover the expense. Other times it may be a fun event to get the community involved, raising much-needed dollars for our life-saving mission. We also have annual events where you are invited to join us.

Sponsor an Adoption

If you take a liking to an animal at Orphans but are unable to bring them home for whatever reason, you can always pay it forward while helping the animal get adopted.

Simply call the shelter and tell them you would like to sponsor an adoption.

Your donation of the animal’s adoption fee will be applied to that animal’s profile, and when they find a forever home, the fee will have been covered!

We find that when this happens, the new adopter will often sponsor another animal’s adoption keeping the good going!

Medical Fund

We see a lot of medical cases at Orphans and we treat and help every animal possible. Consider donating to a medical fund to assist an animal in it’s biggest time of need.

You can donate to our overall medical fund, or you can stipulate which of our animal’s medical funds you’d specifically like to donate to. 

You can add the animal information at the time of your donation or reach out to us at with the specific fund you would like to donate to. As always, thank you for your support.

School & Corporate Events

Orphans is proud to serve our local community.

This involves local events, outreach, and education.

Please contact us if you’d like more information or are interested in having our team attend your next event.

We do school education visits, meet and greets, adoption events, social responsibility event attendance, and more.

Reach out to for advice and support.