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Orphans' Wishlist

We get by with a little help from our friends.

If you are not ready to adopt a friend but would like to support our work with stray and abandoned animals, then consider donating an item or a service from our wish list.

Items we use every day

  • Newspaper (We go through 100 a day!)
  • Blankets and comforters (During the winter months every dog goes to bed with a blankie –not too large or heavy as we wash and dry every blanket daily)
  • Towels (Next time you buy new towels or bedspread, don’t throw out the old ones — bring them to us. Your old comforter can truly be a comfort to a shelter animal.)
  • Dog bones, chew bones, treats, balls
  • Cat trees, toys, beds, treats
  • Sturdy dog and cat combs and brushes
  • Human baby food (Meat based only, for sick cats)
  • Cat litter
  • Baking soda (To control cat litter odor)

We get asked a lot if we accept sheets, but unfortunately we are unable to use these. Please consider donating them elsewhere.

Gift certificates

These are a perfect way to help the shelter stretch its operating dollars.

We use the following stores for supplies, food, sanitation, office supplies, white goods, and more. Please consider donating a gift card to the shelter or via email to donations@orphansofthestorm.org.

Amazon [link]

Target [link]

Walmart [link]

BestBuy [link]

Pet Supplies Plus [link]

Chewy [link]

Animal Enrichment

We use Amazon.com for a lot of our animal enrichment products, this way we can order large quantities of toys and treat to keep our cats and dogs happy and healthy.

Please consider donating Amazon gift cards so we can enrich more lives.

We also have a wishlist if you’d like to purchase and have the items sent directly.


Also, if you add us as your designated charity at smile.amazon.com, we get a donation every time you shop at smile.amazon.com



Pet food suppliers

We buy food with nutritional content specific to the needs of the Orphans.

  • Diamond Natural Dry Dog Food
  • Canned dog food (any)
  • Dry cat food (any)
  • ProPlan (dry kitten food)
  • Friskie’s and Sheba, and Fancy Feast (canned cat food)
  • Orthopedic beds with pillows (for our older, sick dogs and cats)

These items can be bought at local pet stores and donated, alternatively they can be bought directly from our wishlists below and will be shipped directly to us.

Amazon Wishlist [link]

Chewy Wishlist [link]

If in doubt: donate it!

Orphans will ensure all donated food is put to good use, even opened bags of dry food.

We partner with several local shelters and food pantries. If we can’t use it, we’ll find someone that can!

Grooming services

  • Puffy Pup — 1352 S. Milwaukee Ave., Vernon Hills 224-280-5484
  • Loving Care Pet Services — 383 Central Avenue, Northfield 847-446-8697

Please see us for specifics on these items before buying.

Our Wish list may seem like a lot, but it takes a lot to run a top-notch shelter that provides only the best pets to be found.