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We invite you to come to the shelter and find a dog or a cat who will become your lifelong friend and companion. Before you visit, we encourage you to fill out our survey to let us know what you are looking for in a pet.

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Fill out a survey online for a smoother adoption process. The shelter will have all your information ready when you arrive.

Furry Friends for Seniors

Helping seniors adopt pets

We proudly introduce our senior pet adoption program, Furry Friends for Seniors. This adoption program is designed to help senior adults afford the initial costs of caring for an adult dog or cat as a pet.

Orphans of the Storm offers a wonderful selection of cats and dogs ready to find their place in your heart and home. We offer a special adoption program to help more cats and dogs find loving homes. This program is designed to help older adults add a friend to their lives. Seniors, age 55 and older, may select an adult dog or cat, 7 years or older, and we will waive all adoption fees.

Whatever type of pet you have in mind, you will find them here. Our adoption counselors and volunteers are available to assist you in making the best selection for your lifestyle.

Along with companionship, elderly pet owners experience the many health benefits of caring for an older animal, such as reduced stress and blood pressure levels. You can also count on improved mental and physical health and an increase in overall happiness.