Cat adoptions

At Orphans of the Storm you don’t pick your cat – your cat will pick you

With cats of all personalities available and waiting to meet you on any day, it’s nice to know that selecting that one cat is a little easier in our adult cat room.

Located in the heart of the animal shelter, beyond a winding hall of cat condos and play cages where paws sweep out at you for attention and curious purrs welcome you, lies the treasure of Orphans of the Storm: the cattery, better known as the cat room.

Here, friendly adult cats reside together peacefully and freely while waiting to pick that one special person to take them home. A large glass viewing wall invites you to take a chance on a new feline member of the family.

Our cats have a good life for however long their stay

Our cat gallery, which leads up to the big cat room, showcases all kinds of kittens, adults, and sometimes older cats who may have become nervous in the big cat room. These cats are happy and content as they patiently wait for their big adoption day.

Visit our cat wing on any day, and take your time to meet them all. Our adoption counselors are available to assist and answer your questions. Once you have selected a few cats that you are considering adopting, spend some one-on-one time getting acquainted in our cat meeting room.

The selection of cats that we offer for adoption will not be matched anywhere. Whatever breed, size, color, personality, or age you have in mind, you can find them here.