Kara is a sweet girl. Her favorite thing is to be close to her people. Whenever you kneel down to her level or sit down somewhere, Kara comes trotting over without even being called and snuggles up next to you. She especially loves hip scratches and neck scratches. She really loves snuggling on your lap, too! Kara enjoys sniffing her way around the Enrichment Park. She will chase after toys if you throw them, but isn't always interested in picking them up or bringing them back. Kara is a perfect walking companion. She stays right by your side and doesn't pull at all. In fact, she sometimes walks so close that you have to make sure you don't accidentally step on her toes! Kara likes to pause occasionally so she can smell the flowers and other plants along the way, and is also happy to pause for more pets. Kara is so smart, too! She is treat motivated and loves learning new things! Come by the shelter soon to meet Kara!