Name: Cocoa Size: Bulldozer Relationship Status: She don't need no man when she's got her Jolly Ball Favorite Quote: "I feel like I'm the best, but you're not going to get me to say that. -Jerry Rice Likes: Jolly Balls, Swim class, Jolly Balls, spring mud baths (and wiping off on her handlers), Jolly Balls, making fetch happen, benebones, and (did she mention?) Jolly Balls Dislikes: Waiting to come out of her kennel, house parties, those cool kids that go to playgroup all the time (they think they're better than her) Ask any staff member or volunteer about Cocoa. We dare you. Be prepared for the huge grin that will cross their face (covered by a mask currently, but you'll see it in their eyes). Listen for the deep breath that comes first-- this is them containing their excitement so they don't scare you off right away. They'll then ask if there are any other animals in the house, so they don't get their hopes too high. If you answer no, buckle up. It's hard for us not to blab about how much we love this girl. It's not everyday that you meet someone who loves LIFE like Cocoa does. She may have resting sad face in the kennel, but that's just because she's so over all these other drama queens barking their faces off around her. When Cocoa comes out of her kennel, she knows exactly where she's going-- to the play yard! She waits by the toy box for you to get her beloved Jolly Ball out for her. Once that's in her mouth, she takes a few joyful laps around the park before coming up to show you her prize. She'll push it into your leg to show off and get you to play with her. But no take, only throw. When the kiddie pools are out in the summer, her life is complete. She sprawls out in the pool with her toy in her mouth. Cocoa has been attending weekly swim lessons at Splash Dog and loves it! She has learned to get in and out of water on her own. These lessons have been great for her to learn to accept more people. Because poor Cocoa has lived in the shelter for so long, she struggles with meeting new people as she's used to seeing the same faces everyday. Like many fellow introverts, she enjoys people's company, but needs to take it slow getting to know someone. Since she feels the same about other dogs, she will need to be the only dog in her home. She's not quite ready for a canine sibling-- talk about having to get to know someone fast! Do you have the zest for life that Cocoa does? Are you also a living ray of sunshine? Do you embody optimism? Come get your canine counterpart!