Hudson is what we like to call "a gentle giant. He is a big boy - but is a staff and volunteer favorite to take on walks. He doesn't pull much, and walks at a nice pace. His walks are nice and leisurely and really give you time to connect with Hudson and explore the surroundings He is a tug-of-war master! He finds a rope toy, brings it to you, and pokes you with it until you grab hold of the other end. If you ignore his requests for too long, he barks a couple times to make sure you pay attention! If there isn't a toy out in the yard, he will run to the toy box and use his nose to open it. If he can't open it, he will look at you and say, "roo roo! - almost like he's saying, "please help! His "roos are so cute and endearing - you just can't help but smile back at him. Hudson lived in a home with young children whom he absolutely adored. He is so loyal, and loves them so much that he could be protective over them and his home. Hudson will need an experienced dog owner to work on teaching him that not everyone is a stranger. He promises to be the best boy and a loyal friend for life.