Theadora is character to say in the least. This goof is charming, smart, adorable, playful and sensitive. She comes off protective of herself but when she thaws out and warms up to someone, she is an unimaginably wonderful friend. Thea would make a great walking companion and buddy for a two or four legged pal. She is nervous with strangers upon first meeting. She needs an owner that wont force her to like people. Thea will bloom when ready around new people, but she is very trusting once she has bonded with a person. Thea is attending obedience classes regularly and knows all her commands. She does well ignoring others when she is on leash and her manners are great. Thea is potty and crate trained. She is also staying at Bark University where she is learning to work with multiple handlers and to socialize with other dogs. In a social group she plays and enjoys herself, she does have a strong personality and can be a wrecking ball at times, party girl. We are not quite sure how she is with cats but she can live with a house mate. An ideal owner would have experience with dogs that can be nervous around too many people and has had similar large breed dogs. We also want an owner that is willing to train and learn alongside Thea what is best for her. No small children or under the age of 16 please. Contact Bark University (Thea's trainers) for more Info: 847-338-3252 or email: