Thea is a truly great dog. Her days are full of sunshine, good eating, play time, walks and relaxation. This girl enjoys the great outdoors and would make a great gardening companion, hiking buddy, and recreational pup! She has great energy and stamina, but she sure knows how to lounge and relax. Thea is an Orphans of the Storm dog. When she was rescued her insecurities were very prominent. She would lash out at strangers and had some very deeply rooted fears towards strangers approaching or even touching her. Thanks to the help of dedicated trainers and volunteers, Thea is currently in a rehab program that has had her learning, training, and growing more comfortable with real life scenarios each and every day. She is off location from the shelter in a foster home environment while undergoing all this work. Thea is crate trained and very much enjoys her alone time to rest. She walks very nicely on a lead and does not have any reactivity towards people or dogs any more. Her self control and impulse control capabilities have become remarkable. During her treatment program she has learned to play well with other dogs, although she is selective about personailities, and she has even learned to listen very well off leash. Thea has a great recall and is not impulsive towards little animals: squirrells/birds/cats Thea is a super nosy girl and she will investigate anything new or smelly. Her favorite thing to do is to smell the flowers, feel the grass under her feet, play around with a tennis ball and lounge in the sun. Even with all her strides towards balance and excellence this young lady still needs ongoing training support with whatever family she gets adopted into. We are looking for a family that is experienced with various temperaments, breed oriented bully enthusiasts, training committed and of course willing to keep boundaries and rules with this vivacious girl. Tools, knowledge and training will all be provided as well as a structured transition plan to ensure her adoption is successful and fruitful. Thea is amazing but she still needs to work on a few things: -Continuing socialization with humans/dogs -Continuing work with mild resource guarding ( food/ball) -Continuing work with structured obedience Training prior to adoption will be FREE of charge and provided to the family by: Full Circle Dog Training, Head Trainer :Kseniya Tsipis Any one interested in meeting Thea must understand they will have to meet her several times prior to being able to adopt. Thea has been in her program for almost an entire year now. The changes in this dog are completely worth the hard work and time that it has taken to get to where she is. Ultimately the best home for Thea would have no other pets, simply because she needs her own set amount of attention and time. All interested can apply with Orphans of the Storm and call Kseniya directly with questions and interest:847-338-3252