Hank is a great dog who is ready for his forever person/people. Hank tends to bond very closely with the people he trusts and can be wary of strangers. He has been through obedience training with Bark University and has a solid foundation. Hank will need an adopter who will continue training and provide structure in order for him to reach full potential. He is a great walking partner, he walks at a heel and will sit and go into a down when told. He checks in often on walks and has excellent eye contact. After daily training, he loves to play in the yard. He will carry toys and toss them into the air like a puppy! He also loves water, spends a lot of time wading in the baby pools. We think he'd love to swim in a pool or lake given the chance. Hank is currently living at Bark University until he is adopted. He comes with continued training support.

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