Hank is a hunk and he will wrap your heart in twine and flowers. This handsome boy is lanky and long, thin and lean, sweet and playful, loveable and protective, smart and looks for guidance, calm and energetic. He can rest well in a crate and likes to chew on bones to pass the time. Hank has been living in a shelter environment for months and was recently moved to a training Kennel, Bark University in Mundelein, IL. There he is learning to be handled by multiple people and how to interact on and off leash with handlers. Hank is not currently fully potty trained, we believe that the kennel environment stresses him out and he pees on himself due to the noises and activity. In a household that is willing to work with him he will learn quickly to always go outside. Hank bonds to people that spend quality time with him and he becomes very affectionate and playful. He loves to play fetch and go on nice walks. He ignores other animals when he is on leash, he does wonderfully with obedience work when he is training in a distracting environment and he is a generally calm and quiet dog. Hank needs an experienced owner that enjoys training and working with their dog. An experienced owner would have had this type of breed in the past, volunteered with dogs such as Hank in the past, or owned dogs with his personality traits in the past. Hank would be best as an only pet, we are unsure of how he will feel around children or cats. Dogs he does fine around them when on leash but he gets overwhelmed when dogs try to play with him or jump on him. Give Bark University (Hank's trainers) a call for more info or email them: 847-338-3252 or