Fox gets off to an energetic start when he first comes out of his kennel, but he slows down the longer he's out and about. He is truly in his element on the trail-his nose leads the way, and he loves poking around in the bushes and taller grasses to find all of the most interesting smells. If you like visiting forest preserves and other outdoor areas, Fox would love to join you! Fox also understands the importance of cuddling and is happy to take a break from his exploring to get some pets. He especially likes getting his hips scratched and will start leaning towards whichever side you're scratching. He'll join you on the bench and give you some doggy kisses. Fox can be friends with pretty much anybody. He has a long list of doggy friends that he likes playing with during play group, so he could go to a home with another dog. Fox would be best in a adult home.