Get ready to be smitten by the dashing Malcom, a true heartthrob with a heart of gold! This handsome fella is a lover of all people, and his sweet and intelligent nature makes him an absolute joy to be around. Malcom is a quick learner, already mastering commands like sit, lay, and wait (for those tasty treats!). He's no stranger to the comforts of home and is now eagerly seeking his forever family. Delicious treats and head scratches are the key to his happiness, and outdoor playtime, especially chasing tennis balls, is his idea of pure bliss. With his gentle and friendly demeanor, Malcom is the perfect companion for anyone seeking an amazing furry friend. Plus, thanks to a generous donor, Malcom's adoption fee has been 100% sponsored! Don't wait another moment, stop by today to meet this sweetheart of a dog and witness his infectious charm firsthand. Hurry, for Malcom's heart is ready to find its forever home!