Chevy is looking for a special and loving home. He is nervous at the shelter and would prefer a quiet home where he can be loyal and loving to one or two people. Strangers are overwhelming for this little guy, so he is extremely anxious when visitors come over. At the shelter, the noise can scare him and make him reluctant to walk, however, once he gets used to you and is away from the commotion, he is very loving and affectionate. Chevy loves cuddling, tug of war and quiet walks in the woods - even walks in his neighborhood are overwhelming to him. He has lived well with other larger dogs in his home, but he did not do well when he lived with small dogs. If you have a quiet home and not a lot of visitors, and willing to put in the time with him to help him find his confidence, he will be worth it. He is seven years old, has a lot of life left in him and is available for adoption to the right person.

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