Name: Chevy Nickname(s): Chevron, Cheverino, Chevster, Grumps, Groucho, Curmudgeon Size: Snack-sized, not quite bite sized, not quite a meal Relationship Status: Still waiting for that one and only Likes: Cookies, naps, throwing toys and demanding you get them down from tall places, some peace and quiet thank you Dislikes: Outside (ew.), sharing, all that racket those darn kids make Have you met our favorite grump? Chevy is the master of playing hard to get. Everyone he meets wants to be his friend. The real question is whether you are worthy of being his friend. Befriending Chevy takes tenacity, patience, and lots of chicken. He will allow affection on his terms only. Once he approves of you as his loyal subject, he is cuddly and sweet (Don't tell him we told you that. He's got a reputation to uphold). Chevy is in the market for a new home, but he's got some requirements. He must have a fenced yard. Pooping on a leash is for peasants. None of those small humans that make all those loud noises and want to hug him. He's big on journaling and appreciates knowing when his food will be served, when his backyard breaks are, when his playtimes are scheduled, and when he can expect prime napping time. He will need someone home enough to uphold these routines. Do you meet Chevy's expectations? He pays rent with his charm, cuddles, and toy flinging skills. You won't find a better roommate to binge your favorite shows. He doesn't even judge if you watch the Office for the 7th time in a row (he relates).