Big Boy is a big love that likes to hang out with people. He can be timid at first when he is meeting new people but comes around quickly and would make a great dog for someone with a yard. Big Boy is a friendly, affectionate boy who also loves getting his back scratched and does a little dance when you get the right spot. Big Boy (a.k.a. Biggie) is currently in a foster home. He was most comfortable with his foster "mom" at first but warmed up to foster "dad" within a few weeks. He does tend to be more comfortable with females, especially at first. Biggie spent a long time at the shelter, so living with a family is a learning experience for him. Some days he is not real comfortable with strangers on walks; on other days he'll let someone pet him. He can get startled by loud noises, traffic, and sudden movements, so he'd do best in a quiet, adult-only home. Biggie needs a home with dog-experienced people who will be patient and give him the love and time he needs to decompress and feel secure. He is house/potty trained and typically takes 3 walks a day. He has the run of the house. They just say, "do you want a walk" and he heads for the door. He always gets a treat upon returning from his walk, he patiently waits sitting at the door until he gets his treat. He walks well on a harness, though he can sometimes be leash-aggressive with some dogs, and sometimes tries to lunge at squirrels! It's best to have a not-too-busy place to walk him. And a harness gives you much more control. Biggie is the sweetest dog you could ever meet. He just needs someone who has been around dogs and understand that this guy needs lots of patience and love. Big Boy is not much into toys. He is such a lover, once he gets to know you he licks your hand and cheek and wants to have his back scratched. He likes to be brushed, and gets brushed every other day. He knows "sit" very well and is working on "paw." A "safe" place to go would be recommended, in case he gets stressed or overwhelmed. His room at foster is the bedroom, where he can go if something startles him. After they felt he'd been there long enough, they will say, "come on, let's go downstairs" and he will bound down the stairs. (almost as if he wanted to be invited back to the family room) He is not allowed on the furniture in his foster home. Big Boy has been eating Kirkland Natures Domain Salmon and Sweet Potato (Costco) -- 1.5 cups morning and 1.5 cups evening around 5pm. For treats he has been getting Pupperoni sticks or Top Chews Naturals Chicken Jerky recipe. He is typically only given a treat after his walks.