Loki still has plenty of energy and spunk. He's talkative, as Beagles are known to be, and will bark hello when you come to take him out of his kennel. He's also a little stubborn when it comes to deciding which way to go on walks. Loki eventually follows his person, but will give a little "Fine! I don't agree but I'll still do it! bark first. Overall, though, he walks at a nice pace and enjoys sniffing the ground at a quick pace too. Lokiloves the snow and that's where his puppy-like personality really comes out. He rolls on his back in it, eats it, crawls across it with his (cutely chubby) belly, and doesn't want to leave it! Loki also enjoys belly rubs and getting his ears scratched. He made me smile the entire time we were together. Be sure to say hello to Loki on your next visit to the shelter!