Oreo would be a good companion for someone who likes taking brisk walks, because Oreo walks with a purpose (but doesn't pull at all). He leads the way around the woodland preserve trail and only stops when the person on the other end of the leash stops. Oreo will happily join you on the bench for some pets. He loves getting his hips scratched and will keep leaning and leaning against your hand until he plops over. Oreo does some sniffing and exploring around the off-leash yard but is mostly interested in staying close to his person and getting more pets. He occasionally attends play group and doesn't mind being around the other dogs, but generally doesn't actively play with them. Oreo is looking for an adult home or a home with older, teenaged children (Border Collies are known to herd kids - and Oreo doesn't like having his feet touched). Take this big guy out for a walk and see Oreo is the pooch for you!