Meet Maxine, a charming and charismatic dachshund mix. At three years old and weighing in at a petite 28 lbs, Maxine may be small in stature but she's large in personality. Initially reserved, Maxine is a bit shy when meeting new people, but it doesn't take long for her to warm up and reveal her affectionate nature. Once she trusts you, she becomes a total lovebug, showering you with cuddles and tail wags. Maxine's trust is a treasure worth earning, and once gained, you will have a new best friend. Maxine's favorite pastime is prancing around the yard. She also enjoys leisurely strolls, making her the perfect walking partner for those seeking a furry companion to keep them company on their adventures. Maxine maintains a perfect pace, making her an ideal exercise pal for both short walks around the block and longer outdoor excursions. Unlike some dogs who are motivated primarily by treats, Maxine is more interested in praise and affection. However, she won't turn down a tasty morsel of chicken, especially if it means sharing a snack with her beloved human. Her sweet disposition and gentle demeanor make her a joy to be around. With her endearing personality and undeniable cuteness, Maxine is eagerly awaiting to find her forever home. She's ready to bring love, laughter, and companionship to a lucky family who will cherish her as much as she cherishes them. If you're looking for a loyal and affectionate companion, Maxine might just be the perfect match for you.