Meet our sweet boy, Lionel! Lionel has a mesmerizing coat with warm hues of chestnut, Lionel's stunning eyes gleam with the same rich color, sure to captivate your heart. But Lionel is more than just a show stopper, he is as sweet as he is striking. Lionel loves outdoor adventures, whether it's outdoor adventures, whether it's leisurely walks around the neighborhood or exhilarating romps in the yard alongside his canine companions. But it's not just the great outdoors that brings Lionel joy; he finds endless delight in tennis balls and an array of toys waiting to be chased and played with. Yet, amidst all the fun and games, Lionel's favorite moments are those spent cuddled up close, leaning in for pets and showering his loved ones with unconditional affection and he will surely take a break from all of the fun to run over for a cuddle and a kiss. Lionel is waiting to bring boundless love and joy into the lives of a lucky person or family. Embrace the opportunity to welcome this beautiful soul into your home, and experience the warmth and companionship that only Lionel can provide.