We are so proud of how far Wanda has come! She is currently spending some time in foster, and her foster family has great things to say about her: "Wanda the wonderful has been such a joy to foster in our home. Although she can be shy around people, she is quick to warm up to other dogs. She enjoys napping, curling up with blankets, and figuring out what toys are. Belly rubs, head scratches, and treats are her new favorite hobbies. This little lady loves to mirror what her companion does, which is helpful when crate training, eating out of a bowl, and learning to be house broken (she is still learning!). When you aren't looking, she loves to figure out what you are doing, so don't be shocked if you find her spying on you. She'll be a great addition to another dog who enjoys having a little shadow of their own, playing in a group or being a couch potato." Due to Wanda's shy nature, she must go to a home with another dog.