Meet Odell, the five-year-old lab mix whose energy and obedience make him a standout companion. Odell is ready to embark on new journeys with a loving family by his side. Odell is a dream to walk, his calm demeanor and impeccable leash manners making strolls through the neighborhood a breeze. Odell's true passion lies in his obsession with tennis balls and toys. From the moment he sets eyes on his favorite playthings, he springs into action, running laps around the yard with boundless enthusiasm. With an innate understanding of commands like "drop it," Odell's playtime is not just fun, but also a testament to his intelligence and obedience. In addition to his love for toys, Odell is a quick learner when it comes to basic commands. He eagerly responds to "sit" and obeys commands for a tennis ball with focus and dedication. Odell thrives in environments that match his medium-to-high energy level, making him the perfect fit for a home or family with an active lifestyle. Whether it's playing fetch in the backyard or embarking on outdoor adventures, Odell's zest for life is contagious. In Odell, you'll find not just a pet, but a cherished companion and devoted friend. Embrace the joy of play and companionship with Odell, and let him fill your life with laughter, love, and endless adventures.