Meet Leni, the lovable 2-year-old Lab mix whose adorable face is even more captivating in person than in pictures. Leni's charm goes beyond what a camera can capture, as her sweet, affectionate, and playful personality shines through in every wag of her tail. This energetic pup thrives on playtime and outdoor adventures, making her the perfect companion for an active household. Whether it's a game of fetch, a run in the park, or a hiking adventure, Leni is ready to be your loyal and spirited partner. Leni recently had a splashingly good time at Splash Dog, where it was discovered that she's not just a land enthusiast but also a fantastic swimmer! Despite initial reservations about diving in, Leni quickly embraced the new experience with confidence and enthusiasm after some encouraging words. Her adaptability and willingness to try new things showcase her positive and open-minded nature. Beneath her playful exterior, Leni is a sweet and gentle soul. Her affectionate nature makes her a delightful companion, and she's ready to shower her new family with love. Come meet this delightful Lab mix and witness firsthand the joy and love she's ready to bring into your home. Leni is eagerly waiting for the chance to become a cherished member of your family!