Bianca arrived at the shelter pregnant and soon became a doting mother to a beautiful puppy. Now, with her daughter happily settled into a forever home, it's Bianca's turn to shine! Bianca's enthusiasm for life is contagious. When you meet her, be prepared for a warm welcome of full-body wiggles that express her pure joy. Her gentle demeanor and friendly nature make her a delight to be around, and it's hard to resist being swept up in her charming personality. Taking a stroll with Bianca is a breeze; she's easy to walk and is always up for a leisurely adventure by your side. If you're searching for a companion with a heart full of love, a wagging tail, and a charming personality, look no further than Bianca. This 4-year-old beauty is ready to bring warmth, joy, and unwavering companionship into the hearts of those lucky enough to call her family.