Saint truly is a saint! He recently spent time in a foster home where we were able to learn so much about him! His foster family said: "Saint is such a sweet, goofball. He clearly loves being with humans and wants to stay nearby. He is actually very content to play catch by himself or to chew on his ball all day, he just wants to know that you are near. When it is time to get up in the morning, he will swoop in for extra cuddles so move that alarm clock a few minutes earlier to start your day off with joy. His face is great for squishing and those ears- they are so much fun to watch while he runs or jumps for a ball! He did well with my 9 year old niece but she is very confident with dogs and knows her limits. The large yard was too intimidating for him unless someone was walking with him. Smaller, well lit spaces are better, especially stairs. Yes, he will try to sneak out of the door with you but he did pretty well at staying and he could be left in a room by himself as long as he had his toys to chew on. Below is the list of items that my niece helped to create. She is really going to miss him. As will I!" Check out all these boxes Saint checks: Loves chasing bouncing balls Loves Cuddling and kisses Loves playing with balls and tug of war and fetch with toys that make noise Knows sit, give paw, down, and no Is good at convincing you to stay in bed longer in the morning Is a great Foot warmer (you won't want to get up when he lays on your feet) Come on out and meet this loving boy! Big thanks to his foster family for all of this great information!