This compact boy is just the best snuggly black and white cream puff. Like an Almond Joy, he's smooth velvety chocolate on the outside with the perfect amount of coconut on the inside. This happy boy loves to run around and explore his surroundings. If you have a ball, you have a new best friend. He even loves playing with his doggie buddies. He can be a bit enthusiastic so it takes a patient or equally as rambunctious partner to keep the good times rolling. When he's done romping around the yard, he promptly plops down to tan like the little sun bum he is. Can you say wireless charging! This easy going boy can get comfortable anywhere but would much prefer it to be as close to his people as possible. He's still a puppy perfecting his manners but man does he love to learn. His big ears are better for listening after all. This smart boy knows sit, down, wait, and stay. He's still working on paw. It is just so exciting you might just get left- right- back and forth- and a bounce. He is even crate and potty trained, and walks well on his harness. Are you looking for your next ride or die? He's been here waiting for you 🙂