Nola is our favorite office assistant. She loves to take a nap on the couch in the shelter office, entertain herself with a squeaky toy, or come up to offer staff moral support while doing admin work (that is, she knows a good belly rub goes a long way). Nola is always willing to humor us with new outfits and accessories and has accumulated her own wardrobe during her time here. While Nola was in foster, she got to hangout with some great humans and even met a kitty! She took it all in stride, just happy to have a couch and new friend to cuddle with. Nola can be a Nervous Nelly at times and likes to stick to routines and take her time making new friends. She would love a homebody that "gets" her and is content to chill and watch a movie rather than have a bunch of people over. Us too, Nola.