Get ready to soak up the sunshine with the summer-loving Avery! This delightful pup is an absolute sweetheart who adores playing fetch in the sun-kissed yard and snuggling up for some couch time under the breeze of a summer breeze. Avery's radiant personality truly shines when she's the center of attention, making her the perfect fit as an only dog in her forever home. During her time in a foster home, she thrived and showcased her amazing qualities. She's a pro at embracing the joy of summer with toys that crinkle and squeak, adding an extra dose of fun to the sunny days ahead. If you're searching for a loyal and affectionate companion who can keep up with your summer adventures, look no further than Avery. Embrace the love and excitement she brings and make this summer one to remember. Don't let this opportunity slip away-welcome Avery into your family today and let the summer fun begin!