Cece is such a sweetheart! She just went on a field trip with a couple of our volunteers, and they said, "Cece was an all-around good girl from start to finish. She jumps in and out of the car with ease. We could tell she was really happy during our outing. She never barked and was unfazed by kids riding bikes. She waited patiently for the burgers and took them very gently. She's a gem!" Cece is brilliant and mild-mannered. She is still very playful. She loves playing fetch in the yard and taking walks. She is also content to sit by you in the yard in the sun. She is a wiggly, silly girl who loves to receive pets and affection. Cece would do best in a low-activity house where she can spend time with her people, have a steady supply of tennis balls, and receive treats for her good behavior. She is a great dog and will make an excellent companion for someone lucky! Come on in to meet her!