Barney recently celebrated his 7th birthday at the shelter, but this young-at-heart boy is a just a big puppy! He is so playful, he will chase at toys and even bring them back sometimes. Barney has been going on sleepovers with a volunteer friend and here is what she had to say: "Barney was super excited to get out of his kennel when I picked him up for a sleepover. I took Barney to visit my grandma and he was such a calm, sweet, well behaved boy. He sniffed at the cheeseburger bite she tried to give him, but didn't eat it. He did, however, go up to her several times to sniff and lick her as if to say thank you for having him over! I swear Barney slept for 12 hours straight that night, always with a paw or two resting on me - only to wake if I got up or moved myself. It was clear that he felt comfortable and happy to have a good night's rest. He was on his best behavior the entire time I had him and followed my lead. He had no accidents in the house, and seemed house trained. Barney enjoyed the walks we went on and although he pulled on the leash at times, I truly feel that it was out of pure excitement and curiosity of the new "smells around him! He listened so well and followed my lead as we walked around. Barney loves to play outside, participates in playgroup everyday, and really loves his friends, but, he can be choosy about the dogs he gets along with, so he'd probably best as the only dog in the home. Someone has offered to sponsor his adoption fee, so this is the perfect time to bring him home. His is such a love. He will be such a grateful, loving friend if you bring him home and give him a chance.