Allie the sassy queen of moving at her own pace. Its true that all good things come to those that wait! Allie lives up to the statement. Her beautiful personality is protected by keeping her guard up with strangers. She is a loving, loyal, determined girl. Allie loves hard, plays hard and sleeps real well because of that! Only those that are patient and take their time actually get to see her true colors in full bloom. We see this with many dogs that have had hardships they cannot speak and even abandonment we cannot always see. Allie builds her trust with people through quality time spent together. She is food motivated, adventurous, loves hikes and she enjoys car rides. Allie is a fan of toys, playing fetch and tug. She absolutely loves bones and chew toys. This girl also likes to run around in wide open spaces where the world just envelops her in greenery, leaves, dirt and nature. Allie likes to interact with other dogs as long as they are compatible with one another. Allie walks nicely on a leash, is trained to use a crate and is trained to wear a muzzle when needed. Since Allie is nervous meeting new people certain tasks like vet checks/groom appointments/nail trims and interacting with strangers need to be done with a protocol and using the right tools helps. Allie is currently building her skills with people, dogs and cats by working with a local trainer. She tests well with cats, seems interested in kids but would do best in a household with children older than 15 years. Allie likes dogs and has her favorite buddies that she gets along best with. Allie could live with a housemate but there must be good chemistry between the 2. We would have a meet and greet to determine that. Those interested in adopting Allie can speak with her trainer Kseniya if they have any questions: 847-338-3252 We suggest that she be placed into a home with adults that have owned the breed prior or have had any experience with other working line breeds. Allie will fill a home with spunk, joy, laughter, sunshine and goofiness. All great things that may still need guidance and training once in the home, so we highly recommend she go home with a training plan to ensure her success!