Allie has been reading up on self-help books and taking lots of notes. She's thinking this year she should decorate her kennel with lots of those "Live, Laugh, Love" and "Failure is success in progress!" quotes. It just doesn't feel the same in a kennel versus a home. Still, we think she deserves an award for "Most Improved" this year! Allie has been putting in the work during her time with us and has made huge progress in her training. She is currently working on relaxing around new people and in new situations. She would LOVE a home to show off her skills in! Allie's ideal home would have grown up (or mostly grown up) humans and minimal visitors. She comes with support from both OOTS and Full Circle Dog training. After over 500 days of waiting (and learning!) Allie is SO ready to make 2024 the year she finds a home.