When you join "King's Club" at the shelter, you are taught to be gentle and quiet and let King approach you. You learn to come armed with great treats and some patience. Once THE King has accepted you as an official member of the club, you get the password and it's time to PARTY! King loves to hike, chase toys, and dramatically throw himself into your arms. Plus he looks darn good in his blue harness, which he'll happily show off for you. But ONLY if you're in the club. Non-members should know to give him space, work on their doggie body language skills, and up their cookie game. King's club members know to let King have his space from other people and take new experiences at his pace. Perhaps "King's Club" should really be "King's Knights!" To learn more about King or inquire about him, email his Head Knight (and president of his fan club) Lindsay at King is also part of our scholarship program and will go home with 3 free sessions with a local trainer.