Meet Pharoah! This handsome 1 year old boy really has a special job at our shelter. Pharoah is typically the first dog out of his kennel every morning, ready to join his volunteer friends in the playgroup yard as a Helper Dog. As a Helper Dog, Pharoah helps greet every new dog that comes into the shelter, and helps us assess their behavior with other dogs. Pharoah is friendly, inviting, and tolerant of his doggy friends even when they aren't comfortable around him. If a dog wants to play, he will spend all morning chasing them and wrestling with them in the grass. If the dog wants space, he will politely walk around the yard, inviting the dog to come say hi whenever they feel ready. He really seems to do whatever the other dog needs him to do, and that's really special! Pharoah is just as nice with people, and loves walks with his volunteer friends. He is a larger dog at 62 pounds, but he is a great walking companion on his Freedom Harness. Being young, Pharoah has a fair amount of energy and is looking for an adopter that makes sure he gets the exercise he needs; playing with dogs is a great way to do this. Please inquire about Pharoah today; he is a wonderful dog with so much to give!