Whitney is wonderful. She spent some time with a foster family and they said: "Whitney is pure love. She loves to give big sloppy kisses and hugs. When we go in to wake her up every morning, her whole body shakes with her tail in excitement. She sits nicely so we can put on her leash and waits for us to open the door for her walk. She walks nicely on her harness and loves to sniff the spring flowers as we take in the morning. Sometimes the grass smells so nice she likes to stop to roll in it. When we return, she sprints down to her room for some breakfast after saying hello to anyone she missed before her walk. She loves to have her food hidden in her crate or some blankets so she can sniff it out. In the afternoon, she likes to let out her zoomies with some fetch. She can be a bit of a cannon so watch your knees. She is an energetic girl. She likes to burn all the energy before dramatically collapsing in a puddle on the couch- perfect time to administer post zoomie belly rubs. This girl adores snuggles with her people on a big comfy couch or on her bed. Having a bad day? Just curl up with this sweet baby and all your worries will melt away. She might adjust herself a few times but only to get closer to you. Give her pets and she gives you the most tender smile of joy and contentment. I didn't know dogs eyes could sparkle like that. Whitney is so smart! She knows sit, lay down, wait, shake with both paws, and touch. She does all at home and even when we are out with distractions. Speaking of going out, she loves her car rides. She enjoys sticking her nose out the window on nice days letting the wind whip her sweet jowls. Once she gotten her fill, she lays down nicely for a little nap. When it is pup cup time, she enjoys her treat gently as with anytime you treat her. At night she waits patiently for her greenie before being swaddled for a good night sleep. This girl is the perfect baby for anyone looking for a dog to love them unconditionally. She does take some time to warm up but treats and some patience make it fast work. Whitney is looking for someone to be her advocate and show her the world is fun and magical and safe. We would love nothing more than to keep her for ourselves but she just needs a home setting where she can thrive and grow without the pressure of another doggie sibling at this time. She has already blossomed so much in the 2 months we've had her and she is looking for the next place to best continue that growth. She deserves to spend her days out on a comfy couch taking naps and snuggling with her people. Even better a yard to run around after balls and burn off her energy. Always keep at least 2 as she's still learning to drop them upon return and she's got a strong grip. We love her and we hope someone else will come out to love her too." Whitney also comes with 4 sponsored training sessions with GoodPup to set her and her new family up for success! Plus, her adoption fees are sponsored as well! Whitney is currently in a foster home so reach out to our Foster Coordinator at to set up a meet and greet!