Maxx is fun, playful, talkative and rambunctious and he will be a loyal friend and family member to the person who is willing to get to know him and work with him. Maxx really needs a husky experienced family or a person who has really done their research and wants to understand him. Huskies are work - they are so worth it and Maxx is so worth it! This talkative boy loves zoomies and toys and belly rubs - but doesn't love being handled unless it is on his terms. PLEASE help us find him a home - and yes - we are happy to work with a Husky Rescue. He needs a family he can trust. Like all huskies. Maxx ran away from home too many times, which brought him to Orphans. If you have had a husky - you know they have an overwhelming desire to run and to be with their pack - be it human or canine - so he needs a home that understands how to keep him safe, and where he won't be alone all day.