Look at that smile! Shadow loves adventures, fun, and is just a happy go lucky dog who loves life. He's looking for an active family that embraces his silliness! Shadow has a pretty big fan club at the shelter and goes on lots of fun outings with his volunteers friends where he always does great! He's been to the park, swimming with our friends at Splash Dog, and lots more! After his most recent field trip, his volunteer buddies said "Shadow loved the woods and walked very nicely with his harness on. We walked past a few dogs and he showed interest but kept going. He was able to sit nicely and focus on treats while a dog passed us by on the trail. One of the best things about Shadow is that he is treat motivated and is very attentive (he also isn't picky at all and will eat anything)! Shadow enjoyed his ice cream cone slowly and showed good manners when he ate his burger! On the ride back, he settled down and was very affectionate and gave lots of kisses and cuddles. Shadow is such an amazing dog. At the shelter, Shadow has shown us that he loves to play fetch, play with toys, and loves people!" Come meet Shadow today and see why we love him so much!