Wow! Look at the size of those paws! Franco is a big baby looking for a home to learn and grow in. As an older puppy, most of his growing is done but there is still time for him to get a bit taller and put some weight on his body. Since he is still young, Franco would definitely benefit from training. Basic obedience and leash walking skills are so fun to practice, and help build a bond between owner and dog. If you're looking for a young dog to undergo training with, this boy would be a perfect match! He's playful, rambunctious, and hasn't gotten used to his own size yet. During our initial dog test with Franco, he appeared very dog social. Because of his large size and rowdy, puppy playstyle, we recommend Franco for playmates that match his energy level and size. He may be too much for small dogs, senior dogs, or dogs that like their space. If you love large breed dogs, come in to meet Franco today!