Kap is such a smart boy. He already knows "sit, "high five (with both paws!), "down, and probably even more! He is very treat-motivated, so he will be a quick and eager learner. Kap is also a sweetheart. He loves to put his front paws in your lap and cover you in doggy kisses, and then happily keep his paws in your lap while you pet him. He can get a little worked up when he's in his kennel, but he is very mellow outside of the kennel and just enjoys being out with people. Kap loves toys. He easily entertains himself by kicking and chasing balls around the yard-he doesn't even need a person in order to play fetch! Once he's tired himself out, he takes his toy and plops down to do some chewing. Kap is a serious chewer and can quickly tear toys apart, though, so he needs to be supervised when he has a toy to make sure he doesn't accidentally eat any of it. He quickly trades a toy for a treat, though, so it's never an issue getting a torn toy away from him.