Please meet Duke! Duke is a distinguished-looking gentleman with the most contagious smile, goofiest sitting position, and a great love for back, butt, and belly rubs! He came to OOTS all the way from Texas. He enjoys spending time with his human companions above anything else - whether he is cuddling in bed receiving pets or going on a nice walk - and he is going to be the best newest member of his future family. Duke has wonderful leash manners, and is pretty social and easy-going when meeting new friends. He is known to be the first to the door to greet people. He also has no problem entertaining himself with toys, and he makes sure to entertain his humans whenever he gets the zoomies! He also has no issues being approached by or being around children of all ages so he can certainly be adopted into a family with kids, but since he is a larger and friendlier dog he may accidentally bump into and knock down or overwhelm a baby or toddler due to his size alone. His bark is also loud and deep and he can sometimes bark to alarm people of something happening, so it may not be the best living in a home with little ones who frequently nap during the day, as well. But for visiting children and ones he meets in public he is such a sweet boy! Duke is fully housebroken. As is common with many pets, Duke is on medication to manage his allergies. Since he has been on this medication, his allergic reactions have decreased significantly so we do recommend continuing this when he goes home. The Embark DNA test was done on him because we were so curious to find out what breeds he might be. His results are that he is mostly American Pit Bull Terrier with a little Rottweiler and a small mix of other smart, loyal, affectionate, confident, and strong breeds. Duke is currently in a loving foster home with two other dogs who he plays, runs around, and cuddles with. His foster parents have been taking such wonderful care of him, helping keep him happy and comfortable until he finds his forever home! Email our Foster Coordinator at to find out more about Duke and set-up a meet and greet!