Rambunctious Rambo is a special boy looking for an adventure partner! This dog is active, curious, smart, and loyal. And he has the sweetest face! Rambo is all about action. He loves to run, play, go for walks, and explore the world. He would be a good choice for a family looking for an athletic, energetic dog. Rambo is very smart and would benefit from training. All that learning and bonding would be so much fun! It would also help build and reinforce good manners for meeting new people and walking on leash. Rambo needs to go to a home with no other animals, so that he can be the star of the show! He does not like cats and our initial dog assessments showed that he does not do well with other dogs. But this guy has enough personality to go around. Rambo eats a special diet and takes medication to manage an enzyme condition diagnosed when he entered the shelter system. Basically, his body doesn't produce enough pancreatic enzymes to digest food and completely absorb nutrients into his system. Rambo lives a completely normal life and his condition doesn't cause him any issues. He will just need the special food and medication to help him get all the nutrients he needs. Our shelter technicians and partner vet would be happy to explain further about his condition. Make an appointment to meet Rambo!