No your eyes are not deceiving you, I really am a dog that looks like a potato, but I'm the most gosh dang adorable potato you'll ever meet. Don't I belong on the cover of "Dogue" magazine? You may notice that my eye looks a little funny, but don't worry, it doesn't hurt at all! In fact, I don't even realize it's different from everyone else's most of the time. My eye only looks like that because it shrunk due to a possible previous injury. While most potatoes grow eyes after a while, I did the opposite. Anyways, enough about me, what about you? I'm looking for a fun loving and playful family who will build blanket forts with me and let me sleep on the biggest pillow you have! I like to run and chase things, but since I've got a short and stubby snoot (snout) I can only do so for a little bit at a time. This potato is so ready to find her home, all I've gotta do is find a family that will help me spread my little wings and fly (fry).