If you think you know everything there is to know about dogs, then you haven't met Alonso. Alonso is a quirky and goofy little guy who has a personality that is way to big for his body. He'll stand up on his back legs and show you his belly to ask for belly scritches, but it has to be in the exact spot he wants or he'll grumble at you. This spot also happens to change everyday. Due to his changing acceptable spots for petting and how he can get when touched in the wrong area, Alonso needs to go to a home with only adults or older teenagers. Alonso also loves toys, but is like a toddler and isn't always too keen on sharing. For this reason, Alonso is looking for a home with no other dogs, that way he can hog all the toys and love to himself. If you're looking for a dog with a Napoleon complex, Alonso is your guy.