Our silly Hunk was SO lucky to land a short-term foster home, where his foster mom just loved having him hang! We learned a lot about him, here is what his foster mom has to say: "Hunk is such a good boy and so well-trained. He knows (and more importantly- listens) to sit, down, and drop it. Even with the toys he loves most he will still drop it so that I can throw it. He also drops bones when asked. He no longer takes toys on walks because he's just so excited to explore the outside. He gets frightened at loud noises and at jumping down from the trunk sometimes. He is VERY good with kids and loves being near them. My niece who is 6 loved playing with him. He is so gentle and would run all around with her. My sister has a small French bulldog who he enjoyed playing tug-a-war with all day. Her dog was even a little annoying to him and he didn't mind. He doesn't mind the doorbell or strangers. He doesn't need any time to warm up to new people. He takes treats so nicely." Come meet our boy, he's just the best!