Stewie has the most stunning blue eyes that can't help but stand out against his white fur. He loves to be close to people and wants to greet everyone with a doggy hug, and he'll happily continue to stand up on his hind legs while you scratch his neck and chest. Stewie gives lots of kisses and snuffles around your face and ears. When you sit down, he'll either hop up next to you or put his front paws in your lap as if to say "hey I'm right here, now love me!" He sometimes jumps up on you when he gets excited, but he settles down the longer he's out, so he'll probably be more mellow once he's comfortable in his forever home. Stewie is a known fence-jumper and escape artist, even if a person is in the yard with him, so he will need to be closely supervised or kept on a leash whenever he is outside if he goes to a home with a fenced-in yard. Stewie enjoys participating in playgroups and has made several doggy friends, so he could go to a home with or without another dog, but he would probably do best with a dog that has the same energy level as him. If you're looking for a dog who enjoys being the life of the party, Stewie is your guy! Stewie is looking for a foster home to give him a break from the kennels.