Amber is a super sweet, energetic, adorable gal! She is always excited to go on walks and get some love from you! Amber would do best in an active home. Amber is super smart and very treat-motivated. She already knows "sit," sometimes comes when called, and will do an almost perfect heel with 100% attention on you if she thinks you have a treat. She'll also poke at your hands and pockets if she thinks you're holding out on her! But when you show her you have no more treats, she's happy to lead the way on walks and get snuggles. Amber is just barely out of puppyhood, so she still needs to learn that not everyone likes to get doggy hugs. But if you do like doggy hugs, Amber is your girl! Amber likes spending time in the yard and enjoys following her nose around to explore. She poked her nose in the toy bin and found a stuffed squeaky that she liked and carried around for a bit. This super sweet girl needs to be the only dog in the household.