Stella is the kind of dog that wants to be your adventure buddy - enjoying life every step of the way! She is enthusiastic, playful, and intelligent. She excels in obedience training and enjoys training at the shelter as extra enrichment She loves to work on going to her "place", stay, and even spins on command. It's so cute, and she's so proud of it! Sometimes she will spin and then sit right down on your feet. Stella loves playgroup - but she can be selective about her dog friends. She needs slow introductions and does best with dogs around her size and energy level. Although she would love being the only animal in the home, we do think she may have potential to live with another dog if its the right fit. When you walk Stella out you may notice her back legs look a little different. Stella had a previous injury that healed crooked. The good news is, we have worked with our vets and they think she can live a normal, healthy life without surgical correction. We think it just gives her a little more character and she definitely isn't slowed down. If you're looking for an enthusiastic best friend, look no further! Stella is a beautiful, loyal dog whose just ready to start her new life in her forever home. Stella is looking for a foster home to give her respite from the kennel environment.