Lug is THE CUTEST! His favorite time of day is playgroup with all his rough and rowdy buddies. Lug makes friends with all dogs he meets in the yard - other puppies and adult dogs, too. He has a kennel mate, who he is bouncy and silly with; they even share the dog bed sometimes! Lug most likely has been around dogs more than people, because he is shy with people. He will need a patient adopter to help socialize him with people; while keeping him safe and secure. He could possibly get spooked and get away from you - he's hard to catch even in a yard. We think Lug gains confidence with other dogs around and will do best in a home with another dog. He will become more comfortable with people over time, especially with a canine friend to look up to. We LOVE our big Lug puppy and you will too - come meet him today!