Kitana really is a "Jack of all trades", or in her case, a "Jackie of all trades". Looking for a buddy to play with in the yard and run around? Kitana's your girl. Looking for a companion who after a long day would want to hang out with you on the couch and relax? Kitana's your girl. This fluffy girl is a big ball of fun and will definitely keep you on your toes. She's so crafty that she's been known to bound over fences. This being the case, Kitana will need to go to a home with a yard that has a very high fence. She treats low fences like hurdles and pretends she's training for track and field in the Olympics. In her previous home, she was around other dogs and has participated in playgroup while at Orphans, which shows that she gets along with other dogs. She might be a little protective of her people sometimes, but that's only because she loves you! If you've got love to give and don't mind a little excitement in your life, call and make an appointment to see Kitana today!