Cheerio is ready to find his forever home! Staff and volunteers love him and have gotten to know him well. Outside of his kennel, he is playful, active, smart, and goofy. He is treat motivated, intelligent, and ready to learn. He's been responsive to training here at the shelter, but a family of his own would make the experience more fun and rewarding! Cheerio also loves to PLAY with toys of all kinds - plush, rope, or ball- he's a pro at entertaining himself! But, he also loves to play with his human friends. His fetch skills are incredible and his favorite game is tug-of-war! While when you first meet Cheerio in the shelter setting, he may not seem super interested--- but give him just a bit of time and and he'll develop a close bond with you, just like his favorite dog walkers here. While Cheerio would do best in a home as the only dog, don't worry, he's all the dog you'll need! He's truly amazing and he's waited too long to find the life he deserves. So come meet him! He will bring years of joy and laughter to your home. Cheerio is looking for a foster home to transition into home life and for respite from the shelter.