Like the cereal he's named after, Cheerio has just the right amount of sweetness. He is a curious, intelligent boy who is very treat motivated; he would love to have someone to continue training and grow with him. However, his favorite thing of all is to play! He loves all toys: plushies, rope toys, tennis balls. He is a pro at entertaining himself and will gladly chew on a stuffed toy (usually to pull off a leg or two) while squeezing the squeaker to show off his prize. Extra points if it is a toy he can also play tug with. He enjoys exploring the play yards but will frequently check in with you for some pets while on his adventures. Cheerio can sometimes seem a little aloof, but he just needs a little extra time to warm up to people and once he does, he is a loving and loyal boy. Cheerio does need to be the only pet in the home, but he's all the dog you'll need with all the love he has to give! Cheerio is looking for a foster home to offer him respite from kennel stress.