We all love Cheerio and have gotten to know him well. He is playful, active, smart, and goofy. Weighing in at about 60lbs, this guy is packed with curiosity and energy. Cheerio is treat motivated and intelligent; he would do great with a person willing to train and grow with him. He's been responsive to training with handlers in the shelter environment, but a family of his own would make the experience more fun and rewarding. If you're looking for a playful dog, look no further! Playing is all this dog wants to do. Toys of all kinds - plush, rope, or ball. He's a pro at entertaining himself, but he also loves to play with his human friends. His fetch skills are incredible, but his favorite game is tug-of-war! This dog would be a good fit for someone looking for an interactive dog that wants to play and spend time with their family. Cheerio develops close bonds with his favorite dog walkers. Once he establishes a relationship with you, he will come ask for pets and "check-in" with you on his adventures exploring the yard. When you first meet Cheerio in the shelter setting, he may not seem super interested. Since he has lived here for a while, he has met many new people that he never saw again. He can act aloof, but it's only because he doesn't immediately give his love and trust to people that may not stick around. With his friends he sees daily - the staff and volunteers - he is a happy-go-lucky, goofy boy that becomes excited to see his people. This will be the same for his forever family. If you give him a little time to get to know you and understand that you're his family now, this boy will be loyal to the very end! He is absolutely worth it. Cheerio would do best in a home with no other dogs. Our dog assessments have shown that he does not get along with other dogs. But, he's all the dog you'll ever need! He fetches, plays, runs, cuddles, learns, and explores! He's an amazing dog, and he's waited too long to find the life he deserves. Give him a chance, and Cheerio will bring years of joy and laughter to your home.